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Personal Auto coverage consists of Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Uninsured Motorist, Personal Injury Protection, Medical Payments, Comprehensive, Collision, Towing and Rental coverage. There is a little variation in the definition of these terms from company to company. Companies may offer higher limits of coverage but the basic definitions read very much alike.

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Homeowners insurance protects you from financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft, and other events outlined in your policy. It is important to know what's in your policy. Make sure you read your policy carefully and understand your specific coverages. It's also important to know your rights. Texas has a Consumer Bill of Rights for homeowners and renters insurance. Your company must send the Bill of Rights with your policy or renewal.

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Commercial property policies in Texas generally fall into one of three categories

Basic form policies typically cover common risks or perils, such as damage caused by fire, lightning, vehicles, aircraft, or civil commotion.Most basic form policies also cover damage from windstorms, except in counties on the Texas coast, where businesses will likely need to purchase a separate policy for windstorm protection.

Broad form policies typically provide basic form coverage plus coverage for additional perils, such as water damage, structural collapse,sprinkler leakage, and losses resulting from ice, sleet, or weight of snow.

Special form policies cover against all types of losses except those specifically excluded by the policy. Common special form exclusions include losses resulting from flood, earth movement, war, terrorism, nuclear disaster, wear and tear, and insects and vermin.

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